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Corporate Contractor Services

We are here to help you reach corporation standard in no time. One of the main reasons that you may seek to incorporate your business is that it makes your business a legal entity in itself.

Your business will be independent to function with certain legal rights and on a professional standard. This is important because you will not be tied to your business nor will your assets such as your home. You will be able to protect yourself from lawsuits and other legal matters.

By going through us to incorporate you will avoid all the boring legal paperwork that comes with the process.

Contractor Bonds Services

If your area of expertise is in construction and you wish to pursue licensing in that then getting bonded is the next step for you. Learn More

Insurance Services

We offer all of the industry standard insurance services that will make sure your business is operating at the right level of professionalism for your clients. Learn More

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Online courses available

If you would prefer to take our classes from home instead of commuting to the campus locations that is available to you too. We understand everybody is in different situations and we offer a solution for everyone’s specific needs. You will still progress through the program in the same fashion as if you were at the campuses.

99% passing rate

We know how stressful studying and taking tests can be, so we want you to see that our program has been optimized for success! Your success is our number one priority.


Top quality learning

All the right resources available for you to succeed

What drives us is our passion for distributing knowledge to all and the process that happens behind the scenes. We want to assist you in achieving your dreams by helping you optimize your business and the way it operates. Through receiving licensing you will be able to reach new heights that were not achievable otherwise.

We are happy to be able to see our students succeed and pass the state exam. With a 99% pass rate there is a reason why our process is the right one for you to make it to the top.